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With Switzerland having not one, but four national languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), it's fair to say that this is a country that you need to visit armed with a handful of phrase books if you don't already speak the languages. Add to the mix the fact that it's Swiss German that is mainly spoken (although standard German is widely understood) and you'll see why we've done this article, with a list of some handy phrases for each of the languages...

German - The Basics

English German
Yes. Ja.
No. Nein.
Hello. Hallo.
Bye. Tschuss.
Please. Bitte.
Thank you. Danke.
You're welcome. Bitte.

German - Numbers

English German
One Eins
Two Zwei
Three Drei
Four Vier
Five Fünf
Six Sechs
Seven Sieben
Eight Acht
Nine Neun
Ten Zehn
Eleven Elf
Twelve Zwölf

German - Everyday Phrases

English German
What's your name? Wie heibt du?
How are you? Wie gehts?
What time is it? Wie spat ist es?

German - I...

English German
I like Ich mag
I use Ich benutze
I would Ich wurde
I will Ich werde
I wear Ich trage
I spend Ich verbringe
I go Ich gehe
I would like Ich mochte