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St Moritz and Lake St Moritz - (c) swiss-image.ch/Robert Boesch

St Moritz Quick Facts
Resort: St Moritz
Altitude: 1822m
Ski Area: Engadin St. Moritz
Canton: Graubunden
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: German

People (many of them either extremely rich, or extremely famous) have been visiting the world-famous resort of St Moritz for nearly a century, either to sample the area's spas or to entertain themselves with the resort's fantastic array of winter sports. And whilst the resort has become increasingly well known because of it glitzy name and its glamorous visitors, it should be remembered that its reputation as a world-class snow sports venue remains wholly intact, thanks to a great range of top-notch skiing on snow-sure, high-altitude slopes, all linked with a decent network of lifts that have continued to have good investment in them.

St Moritz Positives and Negatives

  • High-altitude, snow-sure slopes.
  • Good range of skiing and good off-piste options.
  • Amazing scenery, from the lakeside in the valley right up to the peaks.
  • Great sunshine record (just check out the resort's logo).
  • Glamour - if you want it, then this is the place to be seen skiing.
  • Long transfer - nearest airport is 210km away.
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants are very expensive.
  • Almost too much sun - it can affect lower pistes at end of the season.
  • Glamour - if you don't want it, then is not the place to ski !

St Moritz The Resort Itself

There are two areas to St Moritz - St Moritz Dorf and St Moritz Bad. Despite its reputation for wealth, glamour and grandeur, St Moritz is not chocolate-box pretty like some of the other glitzy Swiss resorts, such as Gstaad or Verbier. Indeed, if Prince Charles was in one of his 'carbuncle' moods and commenting on the aesthetic quality of the buildings then one might suggest that he'd humorously nickname them St Moritz Bad and St Moritz Not-so-Bad.

St Moritz Dorf is the main centre, built onto the slope of the hillside above the lake and the railway station. It's home to the main hotels, designer boutiques, shops full of luxury goods, and expensive restaurants. These are located on two main streets, with a couple of squares thrown in for good measure, and whilst this area isn't too bad there are still a few awful 1960's/70's block-shaped buildings knocking around, and it's only the fact that your eyes tend to be drawn more towards the incredible mountain scenery above that St Moritz can get away with not being the prettiest of town centres. The tourist information centre is located at St Moritz Dorf on Via Maistra, whilst the world famous Cresta Run finishes at the northern edge of the area.

St Moritz Bad is located around the opposite edge of the lake, about 2km from St Moritz Dorf. It has a number of apartment blocks, sports facilities and the like, and is also home to the original spa area - the famous Kempinski Grand Hotel is situated here (although this goes slightly against the grain as the majority of the swanky hotels are located at St Moritz Dorf).

Finally, of course, there is the famous lake, around which both St Moritz Dorf and St Moritz Bad are set. Picturesque enough in summer, it's wintertime when it really comes into its own - freezing over and providing a natural playground for St Moritz and its elite clientele to sample a whole host of unusual winter-related events. The most famous of these are the White Turf horse races, but there's also polo and even cricket matches that take place here whilst the weather remains cold enough for the lake to stay frozen.

Transport links to St Moritz

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to St Moritz.

From Time Changes
Basel 4:25 1
Bern 4:26 2
Geneva 6:13 2
Geneva Airport 6:22 2
Lausanne 5:38 2
Luzern 4:23 2
Sion 6:34 3
Zurich 3:12 1
Zurich Airport 3:45 2

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