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Kandersteg village. - (c) Kandersteg Tourism

Kandersteg Quick Facts
Resort: Kandersteg
Altitude: 1174m
Ski Area: Kandersteg
Canton: Bern
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: German

Kandersteg is located at the end of the beautiful Kander Valley, 12km to the south of Frutigen. It is internationally renowned as one of the world's great bases for hiking, walking and climbing, with the whole area geared up with a wide array of trails and routes, especially in the summer. Kandersteg is also very well known for being the home of an international scout centre, and both these factors make it extremely popular in the summer with families and parents who are outdoor enthusiasts and are looking for somewhere for their kids to share their passion.

Whilst it's summertime when Kandersteg really comes into its own as top destination, it has also got options in the winter time too. It has a small number of ski slopes in two areas - Oeschinen and Sunnbuel. Both areas are connected by ski bus but are quite limited in the extent and difficulty, making it a great place to learn how to ski for complete novices, but not really a good choice for anyone of intermediate ability or above who wants a variety of pistes to hone their skills on. However, if you're a family and wanting to spend a few days getting into the sport then Kandersteg's extremely quiet slopes are ideal for beginners.

Kandersteg Positives and Negatives

  • Kandersteg is good for complete skiing beginners to learn the basics.
  • Plenty of non-skiing activities, including great winter-hiking trails.
  • Traditional village and ambiance amidst beautiful scenery.
  • Kandersteg's ski area is very small and therefore not suitable for intermediates and experts.

Kandersteg The Resort Itself

With the Doldenhorn and First massif dominating over Kandersteg, as well as the high peaks of the Blumlisap massif, this is a truly fantastic setting for a town. Kandersteg's centre and its surroundings are extremely tranquil, providing a perfect foil for the image that the resort has built up over the years, whilst there are lots of traditional looking chalets scattered along the valley bottom.

Kandersteg is also very well known as being one of the portals for the Lotschberg Tunnel, which provides a rail link between Europe's northern countries, and those in the south. Whilst anyone who's visited the area will have seen the common sight of enormous car-transporters on the rail-tracks, fully laden with vehicles and chugging through the valley into the mountain, and probably thought that it must make the town a real traffic-related nightmare, well surprisingly they'd be thinking incorrectly. This is because the Lotschberg Tunnel doesn't really effect Kandersteg as the cars using the trains huge car-transporters actually use the terminal at Frutigen.

Transport links to Kandersteg

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to Kandersteg.

From Time Changes
Basel 2:10 1
Bern 1:02 0
Geneva 2:56 1
Geneva Airport 3:05 1
Lausanne 2:21 1
Luzern 2:41 1
Sion 1:17 1
Zurich 2:09 1
Zurich Airport 2:28 1

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