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- Photo: Bohringer Friedrich

It may sound crazy to beach lovers, but for genuine, bona fide snow-addicts there are few things better than seemingly beating mother nature and skiing in the Alps during the summer months.

Switzerland has a number of ski resorts that have long seasons which allow skiers to don their gear for November openings and ski right through until May, but it also has some resorts that have almost year round access to slopes thanks to the glaciers high above. Make the most of them though, these glaciers are generally retreating, and despite the best efforts of resorts and ski lift companies to prevent summer melting (giant heat reflecting blankets for instance), every few years the restrictions on skiing these areas during the summer tends to get tighter and their opening times more limited.

St Moritz is a good example of a Swiss resort that used to be able to offer a small area of summer skiing up on the glacier at the Diavolezza area, but climate change meant this had to stop back in 1999. Verbier, Engelberg and Les Diablerets have all been affected as well, the latter two resorts having been heavily associated with summer skiing on their glaciers in the 90's but now left offering the glacier areas as general tourist attractions in the summer months, rather than offering skiing. However, both glaciers at Les Diablerets and at Titlis above Engleberg do provide snow-sure options for both resorts in the main ski season when other resorts can be struggling with the weather conditions.

So it's just the neighbouring resorts of Saas Fee and Zermatt that offer genuine summer skiing in Switzerland, with both resorts having fantastic facilities high up on their glacier areas, and these slopes attract top national teams from around Europe and North America seeking off-season training facilities away from the southern hemisphere.

Below is a list of our featured Swiss resorts that have access to skiing on glacier areas during some of the summer months, and also those ski resorts that can't offer anything during the height of the summer, but can usually offer some skiing or snowboarding in autumn or very late into spring.

Swiss Resorts Offering Summer Skiing

Swiss Resorts Offering Late-Spring/Early Summer/Autumn Skiing