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Château de Gruyère - Wikimedia

Fribourg is situated in the west of Switzerland and takes it's name from the canton's capital, Fribourg.

Whilst the landscape may not be quite as dramatic as some of the areas in it's neighbouring cantons, such as the Bernese Oberland in Bern or the Alpes Vaudoises in Vaud, Fribourg has some incredibly beautiful towns and villages.

Two of these towns are amongst the most celebrated in the whole of Switzerland. The capital itself, Fribourg, has one of the best kept old-town's of any major town or city in the country, whilst the medieval town of Gruyères, complete with hilltop location and castle, is one of Switzerland's national treasures.

These perfectly-kept villages and towns provide Fribourg with some great excursions and days out for visitors and holidaymakers.

List of Excursions in Fribourg (Canton)

A list of attractions and excursions in and around the Fribourg (Canton) region. Click on a photo for further details...

Useful Links for Fribourg (Canton)

The official tourism website for the canton of Fribourg (Canton) is: www.fribourgregion.ch