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Gstaad Quick Facts
Resort: Gstaad
Altitude: 1051m
Ski Area: Gstaad Mountain Rides
Canton: Bern
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: German

When it comes to reputation and image, Gstaad is right up there as one Switzerland's most famous resorts.

Yet whilst Gstaad's main promenade is picture-perfect, and it's array of fancy jewellery shops can rival any other similar-sized resort in Europe, it's range of skiing can't quite compare to Switzerland's other glitzy resorts - St Moritz, Verbier, Zermatt and Klosters.

When you discover that Gstaad is on a list of twinned towns with Cannes alongside the likes of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Beverley Hills, you can start to build a picture of the class of clientele that the resort attracts.

The seriously wealthy of Europe's high society, who want their skiing to be as serious as their hotel bill, will most probably choose Verbier or St Moritz over Gstaad, because Gstaad's skiing is much more suited to intermediates than advanced-level skiers. In addition to this, Gstaad's highest slopes are only 2200m, so the snow can't be guaranteed to be in brilliant condition early and late in the season, nor is there the same amount of vertical as in those other resorts.

However, we're talking about serious skiers here. There are plenty of 'once-a-year' skiers who ski at an intermediate-level who will love Gstaad's style-flattering slopes. And for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy summertime walking-holidays and hiking, Gstaad is one of Switzerland's finest locations, with a wealth of paths and trails open and a number of lifts to give you access up into them.

Gstaad Positives and Negatives

  • Picture perfect town centre.
  • Nice easy slopes for beginners and intermediates.
  • Great for hiking in summer.
  • Accommodation is expensive.
  • Skiing is not suited for experts.

Gstaad The Resort Itself

It may only have one main street, but what a street it is ! It's so spick and span it almost seems as if Gstaad's municipal street cleaners have been armed with vacuum cleaners and dusters rather than brushes. The street needs to be this neat too, because the calibre of shops that adorn Gstaad's promenade are extremely high, even by Swiss standards. You won't find the Swiss equivalent of Gregg's (would it be called something like Karls ?) or Poundstretcher here, instead it's a who's who of luxury brands and designer labels with the like of Hermes, Chopard, Bally, Prada, Louis Vutton, Moncler and Cartier all having their own stores down Gstaad's famous promenade.

As you wander through town seeing how the other half shop, not only will there be a high probability that you'll have passed a couple of fur-clad billionaires but also the chance of bumping into a couple of proper celebs. We're not talking about some b-list-er from Made in Chelsea either, over the years Gstadd has been home to some of the big names in show business and high society with the likes of Liz Taylor, Roman Polanski, Bernie Ecclestone, Prince Ranier, Grace Kelly, Julie Andrews and the legendary eyebrow-raiser himself, Roger Moore, all having lived in Gstaad over the years.

At the northern end of the Promenade is an area where the Swiss Open tennis tournament is held every summer, and the same area is used as an ice rink in the winter months. Gstaad's train station is located very close to the Promenade, on the Güterstrasse which runs parallel to it, just one street away.

Transport links to Gstaad

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to Gstaad.

From Time Changes
Basel 2:52 2
Bern 1:53 1
Geneva 2:27 1
Geneva Airport 2:39 1
Lausanne 1:43 1
Luzern 3:32 2
Sion 2:15 1
Zurich 3:00 2
Zurich Airport 3:38 2

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