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After a first scout around for information, you may not think there's as much choice out there for booking holidays to Switzerland as there is for its Alpine neighbours France and Italy. However, when you dig deeper there is indeed an enormous amount of companies and options out there for trips to this incredible country.

Importantly, Switzerland has one huge benefit over it's neighbours - the co-operation between it's national tourism centre and the enormous Swiss Federal Railways in forming a number of combined tourist strategies. These have taken on a number of guises on the internet, with the likes of the Swiss Travel Centre, Switzerland Travel Centre, Swiss Travel System, and MySwitzerland, but ultimately these are based on the same two organisations - one huge tourism company and one huge railway company, all providing some splendid information and some really clear, user-friendly websites. They showcase Switzerland wonderfully and provide some great tips and hints on how to make the most of a trip to their country.

Looking beyond this giant official tourist portal, you will come across a great array of both independent and larger holiday companies. Many of the smaller independent companies specialise in holidays to Switzerland and even specific regions or resorts, often providing an unmatched service and depth of knowledge if you're after somewhere specific. The larger holiday companies may not be able to provide that similar personal touch but are often good for prices, special offers and the more mainstream tourist areas that they tend to concentrate their focus on. Remember, their attention is on on large numbers of travellers, so they will tend to go to whichever resorts and towns have been most popular amongst their customer base.

The other option is to do it all yourself - flights, transport, accommodation. If you've got the time to look into it, this is often the cheapest way to do things, it also allows you to completely tailor your holiday to your exact requirements. We've got plenty of information on the site to help you find out how to get to Switzerland, how to get around it, and where to stay.

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Holidaying in Switzerland - Is Everything Expensive ?

One of the stereotypical views of Switzerland is that it's extremely expensive. However, whilst some things definitely cost more than in other countries, the truth is that it depends largely on what the exchange rate is, and, of course, what you're actually spending your Swiss Francs on.

For instance, even in 2013 when the pound was taking a real battering, some items were pretty reasonably priced. A lot also depends on which resort you're going to and what you're expecting to buy. If you're heading to one of the glitzy resorts such as St Moritz or Verbier, then expect to pay more than if you're heading to somewhere a bit more 'normal', such as Grindelwald or Saas Fee.

You can save money by dining out on more basic meals, such as soup for lunch, pizza, pasta or rösti (a great culinary invention). And buying local Swiss wine from supermarket is a lot cheaper than what you'd pay in the UK. Certainly cheaper than London !

So whilst Switzerland is one of the more expensive European countries, if you shop around and be careful what you buy, then it can be better than most people would have you believe.