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View of Wilderswil and Interlaken. - Wikimedia

Wilderswil Quick Facts
Resort: Wilderswil
Altitude: 586m
Ski Area: n/a
Canton: Bern
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: German

Wilderswil is a village in the canton of Bern that serves as a small base for the nearby Jungfrau region. It's located just south of Interlaken, at the head of the main valley that leads into the Jungfrau region and splits into two separate valleys, one leading down to Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Murren, and the other valley leading up to Grindelwald and the Eiger.

Whilst Wilderswil is certainly not a ski resort, it's proximity to the likes of Wengen, Grindelwald and Murren means that you could get the train to each of these resorts and happily have a day on each of their slopes. Given the geographical position of these three resorts, and how hard it is to get from one of the resorts to another, then staying at Wilderswil or Interlaken does actually make it slightly easier if you planned to ski all the slopes of all three ski areas.

Wilderswil is probably best known to visitors for it's railway station - that might sound a bit strange but it's because the village is the starting point of the famous Schynige Platte Railway, a mountain rack-railway that is extremely popular in summer with visitors to the Jungfrau region, not just for the fantastically scenic journey up to the Schynige Platte but also for the beautiful wild-flower alpine gardens and classic hiking trails that await visitors when they reach the top. There are no ski slopes up at Schynige Platte so the railway does not run during the winter months.

Wilderswil Positives and Negatives

  • Given the geography of the 3 famous Jungfrau ski resorts (Wengen, Murren, Grindelwald), staying somewhere in between, such as Wilderswil, allows you to ski at all 3 resorts.
  • Less expensive than staying in those 3 famous Jungfrau resorts.
  • Very small village, so not much choice of accommodation, dining out or bars.
  • No immediate ski slopes, although there is a small ski area at Beatenberg on the Niederhorn, which is a similar distance to Wilderswil as Wengen, Murren and Grindelwald.

Wilderswil The Resort Itself

Wilderswil is only a very small village, with the train station being the focal point of its centre. There are a handful of amenities around the train station, with a large ski and sports shop at the northern end of the station road, a Migros mini-market opposite it, and then a splattering of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. There is a tourist information centre and a bank at the other end of the railway station, where the Kirchgasse street heads off west away from the station.

Transport links to Wilderswil

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to Wilderswil.

From Time Changes
Basel 2:07 1
Bern 0:59 1
Geneva 2:51 2
Geneva Airport 3:00 2
Lausanne 2:16 2
Luzern 2:01 1
Sion 1:39 3
Zurich 2:04 2
Zurich Airport 2:26 2

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