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Lauterbrunnen - (c) Jungfrau Region / Jost von Allmen

Lauterbrunnen Quick Facts
Resort: Lauterbrunnen
Altitude: 796m
Ski Area: Jungfrau Ski Region
Canton: Bern
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: German

The small village of Lauterbrunnen sits in the valley of the same name below two of Switzerland's most picturesque and historic ski resorts : Murren and Wengen.

And what a valley.

Yes, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is undoubtedly one of the most stunning of its kind anywhere in the world (it must be a godsend for geography teachers wanting to showcase a picture-perfect example of a U-shaped valley to their students). Such is the sheer scale and size of the valley sides that surround Lauterbrunnen that one gets the impression that the village could spend most of its time in permanent shadow. Whilst that's not actually the case, it's an impression that does reflect the dramatic location of one of Switzerland's most beautifully sited villages.

The train station at Lauterbrunnen serves both Wengen and Murren and inevitably some tourists are just eager to get straight on up into the mountains above, but Lauterbrunnen shouldn't just be considered as a junction for trips up to Wengen, Jungfraujoch or Murren, it's a beautiful little place in its own right and well worth staying down in the valley for a good look around. With cliff faces rising vertically from the valley floor, and waterfalls shooting out spectacularly from the ledges far above, it's no wonder Lauterbrunnen's Valley has become a 'must see' for those visiting the Bernese Oberland region. The most famous waterfall in the village, and the one you definitely want to see close up, is the Staubbach Falls, which are at the far end of the village, and which drop 300m from the cliffs above down into the valley (don't worry, you can't really miss the Staubbach Falls as your eyes are inevitably drawn towards them as you wander through Lauterbrunnen village).

For those visitors who are interested in the area as a skiing base, well you probably won't see Lauterbrunnen in the mainstream ski brochures back home because its not really a ski resort in it's strictest definition. There are no direct slopes for instance, save for a single run coming down from the Murren side of the valley when the conditions are good enough. However, given that it's located between 2 ski areas, it does provides an alternative for more adventurous souls who are prepared to travel up to each area on the mountain railways each morning and who are looking for a quiet base that is slightly cheaper than equivalent accommodation up in Murren and Wengen.

Lauterbrunnen Positives and Negatives

  • One of most spectacular settings in Switzerland.
  • No wonder it's stunning - it's the world's deepest U-shaped valley.
  • In between Wengen and Murren if you want to ski both.
  • Cheaper alternative to Wengen and Murren.
  • No direct ski slopes - need to travel to Murren or Grindelwald.

Lauterbrunnen The Resort Itself

Lauterbrunnen's centre is only small, with the main area starting down near to the train station, next to a small tourist information centre and the BLM station that goes up to Murren via Grutschalp. There's basically one main street that goes through Lauterbrunnen, with a handful of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops dotted along it.

As you leave Lauterbrunnen at the other end of town, where the Staubbach Falls are, you will come across a couple of camping sites, whilst for those visitors travelling into the Jungfrau area by car and wanting to visit Wengen, Murren or the Jungfraujoch, there is a multi-storey car park at Lauterbrunnen near the station. Luckily it's not a 70's style NCP-esque carbuncle by the way, and does serve a purpose due to the massive number of tourists who come here and have to park (there is no conventional way of driving up to Wengen or Murren). If you are thinking of driving here and using Lauterbrunnen's car park then it's worth considering booking a place in advance if you are looking to park there for a number of days. Not only is it cheaper but it also guarantees you a place.

Transport links to Lauterbrunnen

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to Lauterbrunnen.

From Time Changes
Basel 2:26 1
Bern 1:21 1
Geneva 3:10 2
Geneva Airport 3:19 2
Lausanne 2:35 2
Luzern 2:30 1
Sion 2:01 3
Zurich 2:23 2
Zurich Airport 2:45 2

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Hotel Silberhorn

The Silberhorn Hotel is handily situated in a peaceful location close to the small village centre. The train station is less than 200m away and provides access to the famous ski resorts of Wengen and Murren which are both located above the valley. The hotel and village are surrounded by spectacular landscapes and waterfalls.