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The Eggli-La Videmanette ski area. - (c) Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Rougemont Quick Facts
Resort: Rougemont
Altitude: 1007m
Ski Area: Gstaad Mountain Rides
Canton: Vaud
Train Station: Yes
Main Language: French

Rougemont is a small mountain resort in the Pays-d'Enhaut area of Vaud, in the west of Switzerland. It's located between the two famous resorts of Gstaad, to the east, and Chateau d'Oex to the west, and has a number of pistes on its own ski area, La Videmanette. Whilst Rougemont doesn't have the glamour associated with Gstaad, one of its big advantages is that you won't be paying the sky-high prices of the aforementioned glitzy neighbour, but you can still connect directly to the slopes of the Eggli sector that forms part of the Gstaad Mountain Rides ski area.

Rougemont Positives and Negatives

  • Rougemont is a family-friendly resort.
  • Thanks to the Videmanette cable-car, Rougemont has a direct connection to the larger ski area of Gstaad.
  • Rougemont only has a very small immediate ski area above the resort.

Rougemont The Resort Itself

The main road through Rougemont is the Route Cantonale that runs east to west just below the town. Further down below the Route Cantonale run the Saane river, and on the other side of this sits the cable car station for the La Videmanette gondola up to the ski area. The town of Rougemont is a picturesque little place, its name translates as Red Mountain, a nod to the colour and hues of the peaks that dominate over the village. Back down in the centre, the train station is located just off the Rue du Village, and this area is also home to most of the village's handful of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Transport links to Rougemont

The table below shows train times from the main cities and transport hubs of Switzerland to Rougemont.

From Time Changes
Basel 3:04 2
Bern 2:05 1
Geneva 2:08 1
Geneva Airport 2:17 1
Lausanne 1:32 1
Luzern 3:48 2
Sion 2:13 1
Zurich 3:12 2
Zurich Airport 3:31 2

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Rougemont Live Streams

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Rougemont Web Cameras

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