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Mammut have been creating top quality outdoor sports equipment since the company's inception way back in 1862. For a long time it was known mainly for it's sales of rope for climbing and mountaineering, but recent years has seen it's popularity increase on the slopes and pistes of central Europe, particularly in it's homeland of Switzerland where it enjoys large sales thanks to the loyalty of the Swiss public. The Swiss lads and lasses know decent outdoor wear when they see it, and Mammut is certainly that.

Mammut Ski Clothing - Typical Design

Mammut's range of clothing has always had a great reputation for it's high quality, workmanship and weatherproofing. But whilst it's always been seen as a market leader in terms of performance and keeping out the elements, it's not lead the way in design and style as much as some of the other top-end skiwear brands, it's Swiss rival KJUS for instance. However, some of the latest collections in the last few years have seen Mammut producing some really nice looking jackets and mid-layer products, lots of products with a really crisp look and modern clean-lines. This new-found style has seen Mammut become one of the top all-rounders on the mountain, and explains it's increasing prevalence, not just on the slopes, but off it as well.

Mammut - Product Quality

With a history and background in mountaineering, and the extreme conditions and required quality that go hand-in-hand with such a sport, it's no surprise to find that Mammut has earned itself a richly-deserved reputation for producing high-quality, well-made products. And we're not just talking about it's climbing ropes and equipment - in the last 20 years, Mammut's range of clothing, particularly it's outerwear and ski apparel, has gained the same loyal following of customers as the company's traditional product-base has.

Mammut - How Much Does it Cost ?

As you'd probably expect from one of the world's premier winter sportswear companies, Mammut products don't come cheap. In the company's homeland of Switzerland, where the gear is most prevalent, you'll be paying somewhere between 600 to 1000 Swiss francs for an Alpine ski jacket.

In the United Kingdom, you'll find Mammut ski jackets for sale in the £400.00 to £700.00 price bracket. The lighter weight jackets are less, but you'll still be paying around £300.00 for one.

As ever, over the pond in the USA you'll find some better prices, and a quick scout around some of the main outdoor and skiwear websites can quickly pay dividends, with a range of Mammut jackets coming in around 400 to 600 US dollars, which given the exchange rate is considerably cheaper than Switzerland, mainland Europe or the UK.

Mammut - Brand Origins

Mammut can trace it's roots right back into the 19th century, when the founder, Kaspar Tanner, first started making ropes. The Mammut brand itself didn't emerge until 1943, when the name was used to try and market the company's mountaineering ropes even further, and it wasn't until the late 1970's until the company started producing seriously weatherproof jackets and pants, with it's Altitude range of Gore-Tex products. By the mid 1980's the company was pumping out more and more clothing, yet it was still best known for its huge range of mountain and outdoor equipment. Indeed, you could almost bet your bottom dollar that if there was a sudden craze in any type of outdoor activity, such as camping, tents, hammocks, snow-walking etc, then the likelihood was that Mammut would be producing the gear for it.

A series of takeover's since the turn of the century, such as footwear brand Raichle and American outdoor specialists Climb High, have seen Mammut transformed into one of Europe's leading outdoor brands, and whilst sales of it's other products are still extremely high, it's interesting to note that clothing sales now account for 50% of Mammut's sales, a big indication of how well-respected and sought after the brand has now become.

Mammut Ski Clothing - Where Can You Buy It ?

Mammut is massive in Switzerland, and you'll have no problem coming across it in most decent-sized ski resorts, to give you a helping hand though we've included a link to the store locator on the Mammut page. As well as the high number of shops selling Mammut, there are six flagship Mammut stores dotted around the country, selling the entire product range, from skiwear such as jackets and pants, to rucksacks, hiking gear and even the old Mammut favourite... the climbing ropes. These flagship stores are detailed below...

Mammut (Basel)

Details of the Mammut (Basel) shop in Basel, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Mammut (Engelberg)

Details of the Mammut (Engelberg) shop in Engelberg, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Mammut (Grindelwald)

Details of the Mammut (Grindelwald) shop in Grindelwald, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Mammut (Bern)

Details of the Mammut (Bern) shop in Bern, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Mammut (Luzern)

Details of the Mammut (Luzern) shop in Luzern, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Mammut (Zurich)

Details of the Mammut (Zurich) shop in Zurich, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Over the Alps and into the United Kingdom, there aren't quite as many places to get yourself kitted out in Switzerland's finest, but there are some shops that stock it, detailed below...


Details of the Outside shop in Hathersage, including it's location and what gear it sells.

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