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When it comes to state-of-the-art skiwear, KJUS is the brand, leading the way in both style and fabric technology. A relatively young company, having only been formed in 2000 by legendary Norwegian ski-racer Lasse Kjus, the Swiss-based group has propelled itself to the forefront of skiwear innovation in a staggeringly short time, using the highest specification fabrics from Japan resulting in ultra-light, yet still highly weatherproof clothing, allowing close-fitting, stylish designs, albeit for a rather tasty price.

KJUS Ski Clothing - Typical Design

Stylish. Very stylish. Thanks to the quality of the materials being used by KJUS in its jackets and pants, the resulting gear is less bulky than many other brands of outerwear. Given the sleekness of the clothing, it's fair to say that if you don't look the business in a KJUS jacket, you're never going to...

KJUS - Product Quality

Well given the sky-high prices that you'd pay to own some KJUS gear, you'd rather hope the quality is something special. Well fear not, KJUS use some of the world's most high-tech fabrics and clothing technology, that's what you're spending a good chunk of your hard-earned cash on. Highly respected weatherproofing systems such as PrimaLoft insulation, Dermizax waterproofing, Schoeller insulation, and KJUS's very own Free Motion technology all combine to create outerwear that not only looks amazing, but that doesn't compromise on what's most important on the mountain - being protected from the elements.

KJUS - How Much Does it Cost ?

The top end of the skiwear market is normally an expensive destination to take your wallet to, and KJUS has actually gone beyond the top-end, pulling you and your Louis Vutton wallet (you better have one!) into the realms of the ..er.. premium-end. So how much are we talking about ? Well, for one of their better ski jackets, KJUS are likely to be charging around £1000 (give or take a few hundred quid).

KJUS - Brand Origins

KJUS was formed back in 2000 with the simple goal of creating the world's best skiwear. Named after Norwegian Lasse Kjus, one of the world's most successful alpine ski-racers, the company used Lasse's experience to help meet the lofty expectations of the world's top skiers. Didi Serena, who also started the company alongside Kjus, pushed the company along the most innovative paths, ensuring the products were extremely ergonomic, incredibly light, made from the highest quality materials and to the best standards possible. This ethos and strategy produced great results - skiwear of a quality second to none, highly respected by those in the sport, and receiving great feedback from everyone who reviewed it. By 2010 KJUS had expanded its product range into golf and general outdoor sports, but was still best known for its premium range of skiwear, now worn by several 'KJUS Ambassadors', legends of the Alpine arena such as Bode Miller, Didier Cuche and Lara Gut, with Dario Cologna representing cross country skiers.

KJUS Ski Clothing - Where Can You Buy It ?

As you'd probably expect, KJUS skiwear is found in quite a large number of shops around its native Switzerland. We've placed a link to the section of the official KJUS website that lists all the stockists in the country and we've also got a dedicated page on the KJUS flagship store in the Swiss town of Hunenberg, in Zug. See the link below.

KJUS Flagship Store

Details of the KJUS Flagship Store shop in Hunenberg, including it's location and what gear it sells.

Over in the United Kingdom, it's a different story, with the country's largest chain of ski shops, Snow and Rock, being the only place to sell KJUS skiwear.

Snow and Rock

Details of the Snow and Rock online store and which brands of Swiss ski gear and outdoor-wear it is currently selling.

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